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Subsidised Space for Artists

Book the C-Lab

You want to know how to book the Creation Lab? It’s simple! Just follow this 3-step system:

1. Have a look at the Creation Lab calendar and see if your dates are available.

2. If you would like to rent the space BEFORE Sept 1, 2014, please fill out the 2013/2014  Rental Request Form

If you would like to rent the space AFTER Sept 1, 2014, please fill out the 2014/2015 Rental Request Form

3.  Once your rental request is confirmed and processed, you will be asked to call in with a credit card number or drop off a cheque to complete the booking.

For more information about our sliding-scale subsidy pricing, please read our Subsidy Pricing Grid (Feb 20, 2014).

Or book via RUSH HOURS — $6/hr ALWAYS!

Click here to

Please note that we have to adhere to a noise policy during office hours (9-6, M-F) and ongoing yelling, stomping, high impact movement, and loud profanities can only occur during evening and weekend bookings. Thanks!