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Subsidised Space for Artists

Book the C-Lab

You want to know how to book the Creation Lab? It’s simple! Just follow this 3-step system:

1. Have a look at the Creation Lab calendar and see if your dates are available.

2. Please fill out this Rental Request Form for our 2013/2014 rental period.

3.  Once your rental request is confirmed and processed, you will be asked to call in with a credit card number or drop off a cheque to complete the booking.

For more information about our sliding-scale subsidy pricing, please read our Subsidy Pricing Grid (Feb 20, 2014).

Or book via RUSH HOURS — $6/hr ALWAYS!

Click here to

Rush Hours are like rush tickets, but for art makers not audiences.

Here’s how it works: every Monday, any unused studio time at the Creation Lab for that week will become available at $6/hr. Weeks run Monday to Sunday and hours are subject to availability. Anyone can book at the $6/hr rate – whether you’re a large arts organization or a small ad hoc group. All art forms are welcome, as are non-profit and NGO organizations. Call 416-966-1062 x 3 to book. PHONE BOOKINGS ONLY.  We’re in the office 9:30am-5pm, Monday-Friday, so make sure to call during those hours.

Please note that we have to adhere to a noise policy during office hours (9-6, M-F) and ongoing yelling, stomping, high impact movement, and loud profanities can only occur during evening and weekend bookings. Thanks!